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What makes Eco Migrations’ trips different?

We have a passion for our community and our environment, and are deeply committed to creating a wonderful experience for you and your loved ones. We realize you are entrusting us with one of your most valuable and scarce resources, your travel and vacation time, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


What kind of bathroom facilities are available at camp?

The bathroom consists of a tent, tall enough to stand up in. Inside, is a toilet, a bin and some toilet paper. It is super clean and comfortable. It also comes with a great view. 

What's a detailed description of the "comfortable trekking-style camping tents”?

Hilleberg three-person Nammatj tents, equipped with double thermarest, pillow, sleeping bag, blankets and sheets.

Age limits or recommendations for your trips

We don’t have strict age limits. People of all ages are welcome. We do have some recommendations, based on our experience:

Regarding children

Children of all ages are welcome, the only real consideration is how much they and their family will enjoy the experience together. Swimming with sea lions can be an intense experience for small children, and some don’t want to participate. Same with the whale shark. 

On our camping trips, kids 10 and older have had wonderful times. They love playing on the beach and can spend hours with the sand and shells. Children thrive at the pace and activity level of our camps. We camp in mostly wifi-free areas, so teenagers tend to disconnect and relationships seems to relax.

Regarding adults

Our trips require only a moderate level of fitness and energy, and can be as intense or relaxed as our guests choose. The most strenuous activities could include climbing a short ladder to exit the water and enter the panga, and swimming against a current. But we are always around to help, and all passengers have overcome these challenges.

Ecology & Community

Can we incorporate a beach/snorkel clean up?

We pick up all the trash we see, but there isn’t much. A local group that has already done a bang-up job cleaning the beaches and reefs around La Paz. Check out Mar Libre’s work. 

The only exception to this is the Gray Whale Research Camp. In the lagoon, there is a lot of plastic, and we do pick-ups on our daily beach walks.

Can I request minimal to no single-use plastic when possible?

Absolutely. We prepare all meals at camp, so we don’t involve single-use plastics in that part. We frequently eat lunch away from camp, but we aim to reuse all our containers. As for the shopping, we do everything we can to reduce the plastic we use. This includes using only returnable glass containers for beers and soft drinks.

How can we contribute and connect with our host community?

We work in remote Natural Protected Areas, so there are very few people around, but you can engage with our crew in conversation. They are local fishermen, from various communities and backgrounds, with amazing stories. This is the best way to get to know the fascinating seamen of this region.

Electronics, photo, video

Is there cell phone signal?

Very sporadically, so don’t count on it. Once we get out to the island, it is best to disconnect, although you can occasionally send and receive WhatsApp messages.

I want to bring all sorts of fun electronics, is there a place to charge them?

Most definitely. We set up a solar panel charging station. Battery packs also work well.

Do you offer photo/video services? Are you able to recommend a professional underwater/adventure photographer to capture our adventures?

We do not provide photo or video services, nor do we know of anyone who provides this service.

Fauna and nature

Any there dangerous animals we should be aware of?

We are out in Nature in a very harsh environment, so there are lots of critters. Bees frequently visit our camp, so if you are allergic it’s best to bring your epinephrine. Portuguese man-o-wars can float in our waters. There are stone scorpionfish in the shallow rocky areas. Sea lions can bite. There are scorpions, thorns all around, fire ants… In short, when out in Nature, safety first, be prepared, and stay aware of your surroundings and senses.

For your peace of mind, we are rarely more than an hour from La Paz in case of an emergency, and all guides are trained in first-aid. We take safety seriously and we know that the only way to have a fun trip is to have a safe trip. 

What are the sea conditions like? Should I take sea sickness precautions?

Sea conditions are highly variable. The seas can be somewhat choppy, and if you have a history of seasickness, we recommend taking a Dramamine/equivalent. A good time would be at breakfast, or at the office while gearing up. All things ginger are also reputed to be very effective for sea sickness. 

We cannot go out in very rough conditions, usually meaning strong winds (Beaufort 3+). This is beyond our control, as the Port Authority officially closes the port and we are not allowed to go out. Safety first. 


Meals schedule

Meals run on the following approximate schedule:

7 – Cold breakfast. Enjoy the sunrise with a hot coffee in hand.

8 – Hot breakfast. Ex: Avocado toast, pancakes, eggs, chilaquiles…

11 – Snack. Trail mix, fruit…

12-1 – Lunch. Ex: Ceviche, chicken salad, sandwiches…

5:30 – Happy hour. Ex: Margarita with ceviche, Bloody Mary with chips and salsa…

7 – Dinner. Ex: BBQ chicken, steak tacos, spaghetti…

Preparation & ingredients

Meals are deliciously created by Hubert and his son, Jeret. It is a mix of Mexican fare such as enchiladas, chilaquiles and ceviches, as well as international options like eggs and pancakes for breakfast, sandwiches for occasional lunches and BBQ chicken with mashed potatoes for dinner. Meals are prepared without chilies, but we always have salsa around if you like the heat.

We can accommodate all eating preferences and allergies. 

Packing & Transportation

How will my equipment get to camp?

We transport all gear and equipment to camp in large dry bags. Luggage with wheels does not work well for camping. Hotel Catedral allows you to store your suitcase/luggage at the hotel, and take only what is needed to camp in our large dry bags. You will get the dry bags at your hotel the night before departure during our briefing session.

How do I get to La Paz?

There are severals ways. There is a small international airport in the city, which receives flights from all major Mexican cities. Flying to Mexico City and then to La Paz is a very easy connection. Alternately, there are many international flights to Cabo San Lucas. From Cabo you can take a 3 hour shuttle to La Paz. It’s a pretty drive and you can purchase tickets at the airport and online here.

"He who would travel happily must travel light"
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Single travelers

I am traveling alone. How can I book a camping vacation?

Please contact us.

Time & Itinerary

What is a typical daily itinerary?

6- Wake up.

7- Cold breakfast.

8- Warm breakfast.

9- Adventure! Might mean kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, etc. 2 hours of activity.

11- Snack and a break, followed by another 1-2 hours of activities.

12- Lunch. 

1- You decide, more adventure or head back to camp.  2 hours of activities.

4- Back to camp. Sun showers available.

5:30- Happy hour

7- Dinner

9ish- Bed time.

How much downtime will there be? What are my options to fill that time?

Our aim is to be out and about, exploring this wonderful island, so we offer little downtime at camp during the day. However, down time can be incorporated at your request. Guests can use that time anyway they choose, some paint, meditate, read, rest, walk the beach, swim, snorkel the reef… 


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Sea Kayaking Camp

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Gray Whale Research Camp

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