Top 5 Action Adventures in La Paz

1. Camp with Gray Whales in their winter lagoons

This is the Wilds. Relentless, vast and sculpted by huge forces playing out in the Pacific Ocean. The winds can rip through here, but the night sky is absolutely black, and there is nothing around but immense space. We spend our days whale watching, and taking photos to do research. So, really, it’s supporting citizen science while having the trip of a lifetime. Only during Winter, here in magical, mystical Baja!

2. Snorkel with Sea Lions

Does this sound too tame to be #1? We assure you, it’s not. Sea lions are incredibly acrobatic marine predators, and we are only allowed in the water once the pups are old enough to play and their 600 pound dads’ aren’t territorial maniacs. As we snorkel the colorful reefs, sea lions zoom all around us, and even come inspect our fins! It is a thrilling experience to swim around these small sea-puppies with incredibly sharp teeth, amongst all the fish and coral. Do you dare? But in all honesty, it’s a very safe and wonderful experience. Check out this video and come hang out with us @ The Rookery. Only available on our Fall and Spring Sea Kayaking Camps

3. Swim with Whale Sharks

Jump into the water with the largest fish in the world, and experience the beauty and grace of these gentle giants. The tour last only half a day, and it can be a wondrous thing to see multiple feeding sharks surrounding the skiff, barely moving as they gulp in water and food. Or to swim alongside a shark that’s coasting, see how huge and powerful they are as they swing their massive tails from side to side. Can also be combined with lunch and an afternoon at Balandra Beach, La Paz’s most famous beach. Choose our Whale Shark Tour or Balandra & Whale Shark Tour.

4. Kayak the pristine seascapes of Espiritu Santo Island

We kayak for several hours a day to circumnavigate Espiritu Santo Island. Slow down and disconnect with a few days of an active yet relaxing vacation, only good meals and lots of spectacular Nature. Travel with us and get back to what’s important – family, friends, and Nature. Only in Fall and Spring on our Sea Kayaking Camp.

5. Paddleboard La Paz’s most famous beaches

Come spend a day at the beach, but not just any beach, Balandra, one of the absolute highlights of any visit to La Paz. Skip the crowds by arriving at the beach from the sea, and then spend a few hours paddling through the shallow turquoise waters and tranquil mangrove. Once we’ve had our fill of paddling, we head back to the beach for lunch and some downtime before heading back to La Paz. Check out our Balandra Paddleboard Day trip.