Top 5 Wildlife experiences to live in La Paz

1. Camp Espiritu Santo Island

If you like the outdoors, there is no experience in or around La Paz quite like camping on Espiritu Santo Island. Travel to a remote island, away from the hustle and bustle, and return to Nature’s rhythms. Fill your days with wildlife, including sea lions, whale sharks, lots of birds and colorful fishes, and your evenings with relaxation, happy hours and delicious sunset dinners. Learn more about the Sea Kayaking Camp and Marine Megasafari Camp!

2. Visit Gray whales in their winter grounds

In winter, when the cold northern winds blow across Baja, the gray whales come a visitin’! After a 10,000 kilometer migration, they come to our Pacific lagoons to give birth and nurse, as well as to mate for next season. Their landscape is vast and the whales are numerous, but beyond just the whales, all of life is abundant here. See thousands of sea birds, huge tidal flats and mangroves, turtles, whales and dolphins. All just 2 hours from La Paz!

3. Kayak with Sea Turtles

It’s a quiet experience, looking around a deserted bay, waiting for sea turtles to poke their noses out of the water and breathe. It becomes as much about the sound as the view. Kayaking is an intimate way of exploring, and it is worth the effort to take some time to listen to all the sounds and silences of Nature. Our Sea Kayaking camp has a little of everything, and is simultaneously active and relaxing. Come, reconnect with Nature. Only on our Sea Kayaking Camp.

4. Swim with Mobulas

In the spring, the Sea of Cortez starts coming alive and all sorts of marine megafauna show up. We get multiple species of whales, orcas and dolphins, as well as huge aggregations of mobula rays. It is a crazy experience to jump in the water amidst a thriving, hypnotic mass of the stunningly beautiful rays, or view hundreds of dolphins with their adorable babies leaping  all around out boat. Only on our spring Megafauna Safari Camp or Tour.

5. Swim with Whale Sharks

You might not expect majesty from a fish, but whale sharks are indeed majestic. It is a wondrous experience to swim alongside the largest fish in the world as they effortlessly glide through the water, the sunlight reflecting off their spotted patterns. Whale sharks are abundant in the Bay of La Paz during a brief period each year, and snorkeling beside them is exhilarating. Don’t miss out. Check out our Whale Shark Tour and Whale Shark & Balandra Tour.