When’s the Best Time to Visit La Paz Baja?

Baja is a land of contrasts, from windy Winters to scorching Summers, from the worlds largest fish to the largest mammal ever, and from huge clear skies to waters full of unimaginable abundance. It’s important to know when to visit La Paz Baja if you want a specific experience, say swimming with whale sharks or seeing gray whales. It’s also important to know what you’ll see if you want to come in a specific season.
All trips are weather-dependent. Baja is full of wonders, but strong winds from the North occasionally blow across our landscapes from Fall to Spring. This leads to port closures and inevitably limits our activities. Regardless, some of our absolute favorite groups and trips have been those in which the winds blew, flexible travelers adapted, and we had a great time. There’s no anticipating these winds, so just hope for the best, and leave the planning for the worst to us. So, when to visit La Paz Baja?


Winter can be windy and the waters get cold, but the whales come visiting! After the longest migration of any mammal, gray whales arrive to give birth, nurse and mate in the safe, abundant bays of the Pacific coast of Baja. Meanwhile, in La Paz Bay, whale sharks are still busy feeding, and sea lions are abundant in various different spots.

when to visit La Paz Baja


The air is heating up, the strong Northerly winds let up and we enjoy the cool evening breezes blowing from the South, known as Coromueles. Spring is one of the most abundant seasons for life in these Seas. We spend our days paddleboarding Balandra and Espiritu Santo. Whale shark tours operate until the animals leave the area when their food source runs out. That tends to happen sometime in April, but it varies yearly. For more information on swimming with whale sharks, check out blog post.

when to visit La Paz Baja


Summer arrives and the heat starts rising! The waters get nice and warm, and the visibility is AMAZING. Discover the beauty of Espíritu Santo Island and Balandra Beach, feel the rhythm of the waves beneath you, and let paddleboarding take you on an unforgettable journey of adventure and exploration.

when to visit La Paz Baja


Fall is stunning. The waters are still warm from the Summer heats, but the days start cooling down, and life is thriving. For our day trips, we have to wait until de whale sharks arrive, usually sometime in October or November. But we always run our Balandra and Espiritu Santo paddleboard day trips, and they’re a lovely way to spend a day outdoors, exploring shallow bays and mangrove systems, enjoying the beach and a wonderful lunch.

when to visit La Paz Baja

So, there really is no simple answer to When to visit La Paz Baja. All months can be stunning in terms of wildlife and nature, it really depends on when you want to visit and what you want to do. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us as we are always happy to hear from you.

May the wind favor our travels!